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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

New Tape Gun Fiasco

When I've tried to buy refills for my AdTec/Scotch Brand tape runner locally, none are available....And as I had to get a box of Christmas cards shipped within a few days to Operation Write Home, I ordered this tape gun from TheTapeDepot.Com in southern Florida.  It came within a couple days along with the refills that I ordered.  One of these refills is equal to more than two of the others, plus ends up costing one-half.

I watched a video posted by Sandy on how to use it, then started making my cards again.  After I replaced the used spool, this is what happened!  I wasn't getting any glue tape on the piece I was trying to put on a card front - the tape had wound itself around the larger of the two wheels in the front of the gun;  I got that straightened out.  After a little while, I noticed again that I wasn't getting any glue tape on a piece of card stock.  The yellow backing (pictured) that the glue tape is actually on was trying to come out the front of the gun instead of winding up on the take-up spool in the back of the gun.  WHAT A MESS!!!

The mess

This is what started it all (that's the glue)

p.s.  I finally figured out that if I cut a heavy plastic circle to fit the back spool (the one on the right), I would not have any problems with "backlash" when using the gun.

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Janice said...

I started to buy one of those guns, but when I took the instructions out of the package (at the store) and saw how complicated the refill process was, I put the instructions back in and hung it back on the wall. I hope you got it going again!

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