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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Christmas Game Cards for Children

When I saw these game cards posted on Pinterest by , I knew these were cards I could make for the service members serving overseas in remote locations to send to their kids for Christmas.  Also I will make them again in late November for the children's ward in the local hospital.

The game cards are in a set of twelve on the web site, two to a page.  I needed enough for twenty cards, knowing I could only put maybe four or five and still have the card and envelope less than 1/4 inch thick in order to go through the postal system without costing the soldiers more - they normally send their mail for free when serving in remote areas.

The snowman is an image I found on Google Images when I searched for cartoon snowman"  which I printed then cut out.  When I make them for the hospital, I'll mount them on woogles so they have action.  I made a slit in card stock after printing the "game rules" and taped it inside the card to make a 'pocket' for four cards.

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