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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Another Kleenex Card

While going through the piles of scraps on top of my work table today, I rediscovered the Kleenex 'paper'. This is one card I made using a light teal card with a dark brown strip with rounded corners, then rounding the corners of a 3x4.5" piece cut from the side of the small tissue box. The ribbon is from a spool I had purchased for $1 at Big Lots some time ago.

Hannah's Cathedral Windows Quilt

These photos are of the quilt I began working on in 2004 for my eldest granddaughter, Hannah. So far I have cut out about 1024 (I haven't really counted them!) 7-inch squares, turned 480 -so far- of them into 3-inch squares which were then sewn into 12 strips of 32 squares each. I only need 32 strips to make a queen size quilt. Then I have to sew 2-inch squares of various printed cotton squares (left over fabric from some of the many clothes I have made for her until a couple years ago) onto the 3-inch squares. I guesstamated that I would need about 1002 of those little 2-inch squares. A friend talked me into making this quilt as it is suppose to be very easy for a beginner and it involves no batting or backing; once the last square is stitched onto the quilt, it will be finished. At the rate I'm going, that will probably be in about 35 years as I only have 8 of the 63 rows of little squares done. I also have high hopes of making similar quilts for my other two granddaughters, Hope and Morgan. So I cannot die until 2114!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Seven Years, Five Months, One Week, Six Days Later

It's finally done! I've worked and worked on this tablecloth for my eldest granddaughter since October 1, 2001. She will be ten in April.
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