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Saturday, November 19, 2011

The Never-ending Flip Card

The directions for making this card are in the April 2008 issue of "Scrap & Stamp Arts" which may be still available by ordering from the publisher:

Ever since I purchased the magazine, I've been looking at this card and still have not figured out how to make it come out correctly (with apologies to Loretta Rodger, the creator).

I finally was able to get a four-sided version done after working on it for over a day, off and on, because I got so frustrated! This is the front (easily done):

Then open it to see this, which Loretta called the first flip(again, easily done):

The second flip was very confusing to me and I ended up cutting through the leaves to make it "work".

And this is the third filp (back of the card), again easily done

In order to mail it to my mother-in-law, I had to make my own envelope (6.25x6.25 inches) which I made from an old calendar page. I'll need to make a mailing label and remember to add a long white strip at the bottom for the Post Office's encoding.

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