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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Rocking Chair Before & After (many years!)

This is a rocking chair my dad picked from someone's trash sometime in the late 1950's, thrown out because it had a broken rocker, so he made a new one, refinished in mahogany, and recovered the seat. After my mom passed away eleven years ago, I took it and it sat in my living room until several years ago when I stripped it intending to refinish it in walnut, retying the springs, etc. Last month, after I repainted the guest room, I found over 1/2 gallon of the previous wall paint (too much to just throw away, tightwad that I am sometimes), so I decided to paint the chair with it. After two coats of white primer, I thought I had a good handle on this project. Turns out that paint was not a good idea as it was too old - it had gotten really thin and didn't cover very well so it took four coats of the stuff and still didn't cover very well so I gave up on that part of the project. I found a piece of heavy cotton fabric on the remnant table that had small dots of that exact color in it. This is also something I will never again try to do!


Janice said...

That looks really good! The only problem will be when the paint starts to get scratches (on the arms, mostly) and the white or even the old dark color shows through. But it's still rockin'!

Brenda Kelley said...

That's ok! I probably won't be here to care one way or another, and if I am, someone else can have the job of refinishing it!;D

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